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2022 Rates- Monthly Billing

Cucharas Sanitation and Water District utilizes a base, flat rate billing system for residential customers in the District. Each resident of the district is allowed 80,000 gallons of water per year, once the customer uses over 80,000 gallons, the District will charge $1.75 per 1,000 gallons of water used over 80,000 gallons in the effort to preserve and conserve our water resources.

Residential Rates

   Water: $50/ month

   Sewer: $40/ month

   Excessive water usage in excess of 80,000 gallons per year of metered potable water per 1,000 gallons: $1.75

Commercial Rates

   ¾” Service Tap Size: $65.00/ month               

    1” Service Tap Size: $100.00/ month

    2” Service Tap Size: $250.00/ month

    3” Service Tap Size: $300.00/month                               

   Water Consumption Rate (per 1000 metered gallons): $4.00   

*Note (1) Tap size base and consumption water rates include both water and sewer.*     

Other Fees

   Water Turn On/Off: $25.00

   Late Fee (on unpaid balances), per month: $5.00 plus 1.0%                                             

   Main line extension agreement (deposit): $1,000.00

   Charge to change diversion point (deposit): $5,000.00

   Charge to accept water rights (deposit): $5,000.00

   Bulk purchases of water (per 1,000 gallon): $25.00

   Septic Tank Pumping Fee (Not to exceed 1,000 gallons.): $225.00

   (Higher volumes per gallon): $0.25    

   Tap Fee (Single Family Only) – Sewer: $7,500.00

   Tap Fee (Single Family Only) – Water: $7,500.00

   Tap Fee (Commercial) – Sewer & Water: As Determined by the District

   Collection by Certification: $30.00


If you would like to pay via credit or debit card please select our Pay Online feature on the home page. 

If you would like to be added to our automatic withdrawl list, please fill out the document below and return via mail or email ( or

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